DC-50 clear wipe-board and anti-grafitti film is available to buy by the linear metre as well as in rolls.

Wipe-Board Films
For Dry-Wipe Pens:

Clear wipe-board film / Anti-Graffiti Film,
5 years outdoors

For write on / wipe-off and anti-graffiti applications.

This 50µ gloss clear polyester film has been coated with an ink and dirt repellent varnish to make it easy to keep clean.

It works with all dry-wipe pens we have tested, including:

  • Staedtler
  • Pilot
  • Nobo
  • 5 Star Office
  • Universal Office Supplies

All of these dry-wipe whiteboard pens will leave no trace of the ink on the surface of DC-50 wipe-board film when cleaned.

It is recommended for dry application only.

20% UVa block.

DC-50 clear wipe board film has a 5 years outdoor lifespan.

Our closest competitors product takes more effort to wipe residual ink marks from this next best surface and still does not completely remove all of the residual markings; resulting in ghosted images and a build up of unwanted ink residues on the surface, especially when used over a period of time.

When compared to our DC-50 material our specially treated surface provides a one wipe solution resulting in no ghosted images or ink residues left behind - the surface is completely clean again after only a few effortless wipes.

After testing in-house we have found DC-50 is a much more durable product producing a cleaner, quicker and longer lasting result.

The image below and on the left is DC50 clear wipe board film after 20 wipes, while the image on the right shows the closest competitors product also after 20 wipes: a geniune and stunning visual difference!

DC50 clear wipe board film compared against the closest competitors film after 20 wipe cleans of each product - it looks amazingly clean like it has hardly been used.Competitors wipe board clear film compared against our DC-50 film after 20 wipe cleans of each product - the competitors product leaves residual ink and looks dirty!











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Available in 10M, 25M and 50M rolls in widths of 1370mm.
Buy the metre: non-standard roll lengths are surcharged at 33%.



A video specially created to guide our customers through the process of 'how to' create dry-wipe whiteboards using DC-50 clear wipe-board film for a one-wipe solution that is durable, cleaner, quicker and longer lasting than our closest competitors product.

Contact our sales offices for more information or to place an order:
Southern Office:
01753 696977 or Northern Office: 01709 829800.

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