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LG HAUSYS™ Win Mosaic
Etched Glass Effect Window Films
- Polymeric Vinyls:

LG LC5540
Square Mosaic removable, 5 years outdoor

LG LC5540 square mosaic pattern film applied to an office window.One of our most eye-catching etched glass effect window films featuring a square embossed pattern.

The 130µ monomeric Square Mosaic film offers excellent light transmission, allowing around 90% of natural light to be transmitted.

It also has excellent scratch resistance.

Over 95% of UVa light is blocked making it very good at extending the life of internal furnishings and fabrics.

The combination of thicker film and removable clear solvent adhesive makes this film easy to strip at the end of its useful life.


LG LC5540 etch window film close up view to show the square mosaic pattern.The image on the left shows a closer view of the square mosaic effect pattern.


  • Dimensional stability: Good.
  • Light transmission: Very good.
  • Privacy: OK.
  • UV block: Excellent.

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Available in 10M, 25M and 50M rolls in widths of 610mm and 1220mm.
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