Latex Printing:
Handling, printing and storing of latex media

HP 26500 Latex printer, as used in the All Print Supplies Media Test Centre so that we can provide our customers tips and guidance on handling, printing and storage of our range of latex printing media.The latex printers use significant amounts of heat, therefore it is essential that prior to printing, the media is allowed to acclimatise to the same conditions as your printer.

We would recommend rolls are removed from their protective packaging and stored in the print room for at least 4 hours prior to printing.

When loading media into the printer it is advisable to feed approximately 50cm out from the front of the ink curing unit. It can take a few minutes for printing to actually start, so while the heaters warm up to the correct temperatures, this extra 'leading edge' helps absorb the heat and avoid any scuffing or touching of the actual print job.
For any job longer than 3 metres, we would also recommend the use of the take up roll, to keep your job in good shape.
Always re-reel in the same direction as the roll was supplied to avoid any cockling or buckling of the finished print, especially with self-adhesive media.

Colour profiling being peformed in the All Print Supplies Media Test Centre so we can provide ICC media profiles for better colour reproduction to our customers for our range of latex printing media.Our extensive range of profiles available for solvent and eco solvent printers has been increased to cover the leading HP latex printers in the market. These profiles have been created in house by our dedicated colour profiler and will help take the guess work out of the correct ink levels, print speed, and more importantly the drying and curing temperatures needed. These heat settings are an essential part of getting the best of our media when working with the latex printers.
Contact our Sales Office regarding the very latest in profile availability.

It is recommended that you replace the materials back in their poly bag and stand vertically on end after printing to help reduce the risk of dust and dirt contamination.

Output from the latex printers does not require the same outgassing time as solvent printers, so our products can be used immediately after printing. However as its impossible to cover every use, we recommend you try the media before carrying out a large campaign.

The life expectancy of our products are for the materials unprinted.
After printing the expected outdoor performance will be dependent on the type of printer, ink formulation, the laminate and many other factors. The printer reseller should be able to provide you with guidelines.

Our legal liability for accidental bodily injury or damage to the property of third parties in the course of the business including products supplied is limited to £2M in any one incident.
A copy of our Public/Products Liability certificate is available on request.