SPIDER BAR rectangular profile keder-trackpole for tension display baners using PVC or fabric graphics - this version uses the rectangular pole version which is attached to ceilings as well as to floors if you want extra tensionable stability a apopular retail sign used over counters and for promotions in-store.SPIDER TUBE circular profile keder-trackpole for tension display baners using PVC or fabric graphics - this version uses the circular pole version which is attached to the side of a wall so that it sticks out prominantly at 90 degrees from the surface.Tension Display Frames
- Ancillaries

Spider Track
Tension display system
- for Fabric & PVC Banner Displays

The ‘Spider Track banner tension display system’ is an elegant anodised aluminuim keder profile system for a multitude of applications.

This system of tension display frame is typically used in the following types of application:

  • Hanging banners
  • Outward projecting wall banners
  • Exhibition graphics
  • Retail graphics
  • Office screens
  • Building wraps

Hanging banners can be put under tension using wire ropes fixed to the ceiling and floor, while wall mounted frames have special tensionable wall plates.

Available in two shapes of attractive and strong support pole systems:

  • Spider Bar: rectangular with keder-track (up to 6100mm length):XXXXX
  • Spider Tube: circular with keder-track (up to 6100mm length):

» Prices and Frame Sizes: Call us on 01753 676977 or 01709 829800 and we'll work out the best price for your requirements, including any extras you may need such as hanging wire, wire grippers, end caps and eye-bolts for fixing the banner system into ceilings/floors/walls.

Available up to 6100mm
- bespoke sizes are available; we can cut the keder-track frames to the exact size you require.

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