Buy The Metre: SIHL 3529 SyntiSOL (TSPP7SA) re-positionable self adhesive film for solvent prints is available to buy in linear metres as well as full rolls of mediafor large format inkjet printers from All Print Supplies Ltd.

Speciality Self-Adhesive Films:

SIHL 3529 SyntiSOL (TSPP7SA)
SIHL 3529 SyntiSOL (TSPP7SA) is a PP5 rated easy tack self adhesive vinyl with resin identification code 5.SIHL 3529 SyntiSOL (TSPP7SA) is a more environmentally responsible product.Sihl 3531 SyntiSOL KissCut is suitable for eco-solvent and solvent inks only.Sihl 3529 SyntiSOL is suitable for printing with UV inks.
170 Micron, easy-tack self-adhesive satin polypropylene
for U.V. and solvent digital inkjet printers

SIHL 3529 SyntiSOL (TSPP7SA) peel and stick easy tack self adhesive being repeatedly peeled from a surface and re-applied in a completely different position with no loss of adhesion.This speciality self-adhesive film is a more environmentally friendly option than PVC for recycling.

SIHL 3529 SyntiSOL (TSPP7SA) is also ideal for graphics that need to be easy-to-apply and easy to move around.
The easy-tack adhesive can be applied by a novice without leaving air bubbles.
Any trapped air can either be squeegeed straight out or you can just lift it up and try again.
The low tack post-it-note type adhesive can be applied and reapplied again and again.

The film is quite rigid making it easy to apply to flat surfaces. It will not stretch in printing or lamination.

SIHL 3529 SyntiSOL (TSPP7SA) will stick to nearly anything including emulsioned walls and wood, and can be removed from these surfaces easily without leaving any glue residue. It can then be reapplied somewhere else.

Ideal for presentation graphics, temporary wall paper etc.

The film has good scratch and scuff resistance.

Only for use on flat surfaces and for internal use.

We have customers who are using this product to create wall banger posters.
These are life size, reusable, high resolution cut-out images that are simple to apply and can be stuck to a flat, dry surface such as a painted wall. This applies only for graphics printed using eco-solvent inks, and not latex.

SIHL 3529 SyntiSOL (TSPP7SA) is for printing with solvent inks and UV inks.

We do not recommend print and cut applications for latex printed images.

SIHL 3529 SyntiSOL (TSPP7SA) should not be stuck to a plasticised PVC film as this will change the adhesive properties to permanent.

Due to the variety of textures and surface coatings on wallpapers it is important that the end user applies a complete drop to the various walls involved to check that the graphics will stay in place. Heavily textured wallpapers are more difficult to get good adhesion to than to smooth ones. Also wallpaper surface coatings can vary widely from vinyl (PVC) or acrylic to other coatings such as polypropylene (PP), which are much more difficult to gain the correct amount of adhesion to.

We also offer SIHL 3531 SyntiSOL KissCut; a modified version of SIHL 3529 SyntiSOL but for “print and cut” applications.

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Available in 30M rolls in widths of 914mm, 1067mm, 1270mm and 1372mm.
Buy the metre: non-standard roll lengths are surcharged at 33%.

"We needed to find a suitable product to use as a re-usable sticker on a printed whiteboard that we were producing for a client. The sticker had to be cut to shape and printable.
Most importantly it needed to be easily removable and re-positionable, so that it could hold a standard sheet of paper in place on the board.
I contacted our All Print rep' who was able to source a low tac easy peel vinyl product which fitted the bill perfectly.
The print quality produced on the material was excellent and the product itself was perfect - it had a low tac adhesive which left no residue and was easy to peel and re-stick to the board.
One of the other benefits of this product was that it could be bought by the metre - we only needed a small quantity for the stickers so we were able to work out what we needed to complete the job and we were left with a minimal surplus." - Nick in Newport, South Wales

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