TSFB8 speciality non-adhesive backlit film for solvent printing is available to buy by the linear metre from All Print Supplies as well as in 30M rolls in varous widths for wide format inket printers.

Speciality Non-Adhesive Films:

TSFB8TSFB8 front print backlit PET film for printed graphics is for eco-solvent and solvent inks only.
200 Micron, front print backlit PET film

Backlit film for internal or external applications.

TSFB8 is similar in thickness to the old Kodak Duratrans film for display transparencies.

It is a single-sided transparent rigid polyester film with a white matt solvent inkjet coating.

The 200µ film has been engineered to optimise drying times, allowing the necessary heat to pass through the PET and help to dry the ink.

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Available in 30M rolls in widths of 1371mm and 1524mm.
Buy the metre: non-standard roll lengths are surcharged at 33%.

For the complete list of our speciality non-adhesive films select the 'Speciality Non-Adhesive Films' link from the navigation menu on your left, or use the links below to see the other individual products within this category:

SIHL 3746 Vivalux - a 125µ transluscent matt white coated polyester backlit film specifically developed for use with HP latex inks that produces very high colour density and brilliant images with quick drying and long durability. Prints are waterproof and suitable for outdoor use.
SIHL 3567 Aurolux - a 220µ satin white bcoated, tear resistant polyester backlit film that offers impressive image brilliance with both direct and transmissive light making it ideal for both day and night applications, and has a high resistance against scratching, humidity and condensation.
Sihl 3747 (LXFB8) - a 200µ translucent white front print backlit PET film for latex and U.V. printing only. Sihl 3747 (LXFB8) is a single-sided transparent rigid polyester film with a white matt finish. For internal or external backlit applications.
TSTC8 - a 190µ optically clear gloss, unsupported PET film primarily for screen positives film production and window graphics.
FCP200 - a 200µ satin white, ferrous printable PET film with a ferrous coating on the back that adheres to a magnetic substrate to create mess-free, simple to place and replace 'quick change' interchangeable graphics for retail and Point Of Sale signs in dynamic sales and promotion environments.