DG65 Gold and ADS50 Silver two-way metallised polyester films are available to buy by the linear metre as well as in rolls of media.

Metallised Vinyls for Sign Making:

ADG50 Gold and ADS50 SilverThis product uses an Air Free adhesive for easy dry application where wet application is not a desired option.
Metallised two-way polyester films
with 'Air Free' permanent adhesive for dry applications,
2 years Outdoor

Apply your decorative polyester window films dry with these two bright polyester films.
Ideal for water free environments such as around computers, electronics, in museums etc.

Recommended for dry application onto flat-sided surfaces only.

The polyester films are 50µ thick, and have a 2 year lifespan for selective external applications.

ADG50 bright mirror two-way gold and ADS50 bright mirror two-way silver are not suitable for long term external applications.

  • Dimensional stability: Excellent.
  • Light transmission: N/A.
  • Privacy: N/A.
  • UV block: N/A.

» ADG50 bright mirror two-way gold: Technical Data Sheet.
» ADS50 bright mirror two-way silver: Technical Data Sheet.
Prices and Roll Sizes.

Available in 10M and 25M rolls in widths of 625mm and 1250mm.
Buy the metre: non-standard roll lengths are surcharged at 33%.

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