Mactac ShieldLAM ultra clear gloss protective laminate is available to buy by the linear metre as well as in full rolls.

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Mactac ShieldLAM
50 micron, ultra-clear gloss polyurethane,
impact and abrasion resistant,
Boat and Car Wrapping laminate, 8 years external

Mactac large format laminate SHieldLAM shown used to protect the printed graphics on the hull of a racing boat for Extreme Sailing.ShieldLam is especially designed for the outdoor protection of the Tuning Film range which are used in both boat and car wrapping applications.

More and more boat owners like the concept of boat personalisation with Mactac Tuning Films, however some fear that the Tuning Film appearance will not last, so Mactac have developed ShieldLAM to answer boat owners concerns with regard to improving:

  • Tuning Film colour resistance
  • improving the original Tuning Filmgloss
  • dealing with abrasion (e.g. with fenders)
  • improving impact resistance

ShieldLam is an ultra clear gloss, soft 50µ PU film protected with a PET film and coated on one side with an ultra-clear permanent adhesive. The adhesive is protected with a transparent PET liner.

This protective laminate is extremely durable and warranted, even in horizontal applications.

Stops 99% of the UV light and therefore helps extending the life and the gloss of Mactac Tuning Films.

Brings an ultra high gloss finish to the Tuning Films and offers impact resistance.

Has significantly higher abrasion resistance than standard vinyl (PVC) films, and is a self healing material that conforms very well to flat and slightly curved surfaces.

Also offers superior protection to theTuning Films against acid rain and high heat.

Chlorine and phthalate-free.

Does not influence the pH level of the substrate to which it is applied.

» Technical Data Sheet.
» Prices and Roll Sizes.
» Mactac applications 2016 (PDF catalogue): Mactac ShieldLAM.

Available in 25M rolls in widths of 1524mm.
Buy the metre: non-standard roll lengths are surcharged at 33%.

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