Roll-Up Media for AQUEOUS PRINTABLE Banners:

SIHL 3391 SyntiTec (USOP7)SIHL 3391 SyntiTec (USOP7) roll up banner is a PP5 recyclable product.SIHL 3391 SyntiTec (USOP7) roll up banner is a more environmentally conscious product.
180 micron, opaque satin white polypropylene
with grey light-stop
- One part solution for roll-ups
that do not require lamination

SIHL 3391 SyntiTec (USOP7) is a grey backed water resistant polypropylene film for roll-ups with a universal semi-matt coating for the latest generation of inkjet printers such as the HP Z series.

For short-term promotional work it does not need lamination making this a very fast and economical solution for aqueous printed roll-ups.

SIHL 3391 SyntiTec hangs well with only a small amount of edge curl to the rear.

The instant dry coating allows it to be printed on the HP Z6100 printer with our high-speed profile at 13M² per hour and still look stunning.

Polypropylene is an environmentally responsible alternative solution for banner stands.
SIHL 3391 SyntiTec roll-up media has the resin identification code 5, so is easier to place in the recycling chain. Another environmental bonus is that it only weighs 130 grammes per M², 25% to 50% of the weight of alternatives so it consumes fewer resources in the manufacturing stage.

More detailed usage recommendations are featured on our Technical Information: Aqueous Inkjet page on this website.

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Available in:
30M rolls in widths of 914mm, 1067mm and 1524mm.
100M rolls in widths of 914mm.
This product is not available to buy by the linear metre ('Buy The Metre').

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