Print Finishing Films: Laminates, Mounting and Backing Films

All materials in our print finishing and laminating films range are now available by the metre (except for our range of DigiMount mounting films for practical reasons).

Buy the Metre

Our popular "buy the metre" policy has been extended to include our range of print finishing products - so now you can buy just what you need for a specific job. This does not include the DM range of self wound mount films for practical reasons!

All our lamination films are featured in our Print Finishing Films swatch for 2014.

All Print Supplies Laminating Film / print Finishing Films swatch for 2014 is shown here fully fanned out in a 360 degree, full circle to reveal a small portion of each of the individual lamination sample pages.This features over 40 different lamination films for all applications and print technologies designed for the fast and efficient finishing of digital prints.

As well as the DigiGuard laminates and DigiMount mounting films we have sold for years, we also offer the extensive range of Mactac laminates and mounts.

Nearly all these products can be purchased "buy the metre" allowing you to buy only what you need for specific jobs, especially important for the higher value and specialised laminates.

New products in our Print Finishing films range include:

  • The biggest change to the portfolio is the addition of 3 new lower cost laminates.
    The InterGuard Basic laminate range has been introduced to save customers' money for short-term promotional type work.
    Available in gloss, semi-matt and matt textured finishes the product has been designed primarily for internal applications.
  • The DigiGuard Standard range has been in our range for over 10 years now and is the trouble-free solution for longer-term or external graphics.
  • For UV printers we have taken our 3 most popular laminates from our DigiGuard Standard range and changed the adhesive to work with UV output. This has been achieved without a massive price premium. These gloss, satin and textured laminates show less silvering on UV prints and bond stronger and for longer.

TS 1600 laminator being used by a machine operator in All Print Supplies Media testing application centre to mechanically apply laminates and test our print finishing films perform for our customers in the market place. Technical advice and support

For technical advice or support on how to get the best out of your laminator and our media, call our sales offices on 01753 696977 for the Southern Office, or 01709 829800 for the Northern Office, or email

Our in-house application centre features a TS 1600 laminator to help us better understand the issues you face and ensure that all the products are thoroughly researched before release.