SFL530M smooth matt solvent and latex printable scrim PVC banner is available to buy by the metre

Scrim Banner Vinyls:

SFL530MSFL530M smooth scrim PVC banner media is suitable for printing with solvent inks only.
Smooth matt scrim PVC banner

Product Roll size Price per roll
Smooth matt white,
530gsm / 15oz scrim PVC banner
760mm x 30M £54.54
1371mm x 30M £86.37
1620mm x 30M £102.40

Available in 30M rolls in widths of 760mm, 1371mm and 1620mm.
Buy the metre: non-standard roll lengths are surcharged at 33%.

For the complete list of our scrim banner vinyls select the 'Scrim Banner Vinyls' link from the navigation menu on your left, or use the links below to view each of the individual products within this category:

SFL430G and SFL430M - a 430gsm / 13oz smooth matt white scrim PVC banner - our best value for money banner, available in smooth matt and gloss for solvent digital printing.
SFL450M(L) - for use on solvent and latex inkjet printers, a 450gsm / 13oz smooth matt white solvent and latex printable scrim PVC banner that can be taped, welded or stitched.
SFL530M - a 530gsm / 15oz smooth matt white solvent printable scrim PVC banner - great value for money and the smoothest face of all our laminated scrim banners.
SFL440M - a 440gsm / 13oz smooth matt white scrim, lightweight laminated frontlit PVC banner - can be taped, welded and stitched but is not recommended for across-the-street applications with large sail areas.
SFC550M(L) - for use on solvent and latex inkjet printers, a coated fire rated smooth matt scrim high strength PVC banner that hangs flat, is strong and smooth and a scrim pattern that is very tight and makes the surface very smooth to print on while retaining its strength.