Backlit Sign Media For Aqueous Inkjet Printing:

SIHL 3461 SuperDry (UHFB7)SIHL 3461 SuperDry (UHFB7) is a NEW backlit media for light boxes for printing with aqueous digital inkjet printers.
175 micron, translucent, high quality
universal front print backlit film

Product Roll size Price per roll
SIHL 3461 SuperDry (UHFB7)
Satin transluscent, 175µ, high quality universal front print backlit media for aqueous printing.
Instant dry universal
914mm x 20M £119.22
1067mm x 20M £139.20
1270mm x 20M £165.74
1524mm x 20M £198.82

Available in 20M rolls in widths of 914mm, 1067mm, 1270mm and 1524mm.
This product is not available to buy by the linear metre ('Buy The Metre').

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SIHL 3461 SuperDry (UHFB7) - 175µ translucent high quality universal front print backlit film. We believe this to be the highest quality backlit film on the market and when profiled correctly the final image quality looks as if it has been produced photographically on a Durst Lambda.