LG VIZUONs' LD8210 7 year conformable cast vinyl for vehicle wrapping is available to buy by the metre from All Print Supplies as well as in the standard vinyl roll sizes.

Avery Dennison
Conformable Cast Vinyls
for Vehicle Wrapping (10 Year):

Avery Dennison MPI 1105 EA RS
Avery Dennison 1105 EA RS gloss white conformable cast print vinyl for vehicle wraps is suitable for solvent and latex printing.Avery Dennison MPI 1105 EA RS is suitabel for UV printerinks.
50 micron, Conformable cast Gloss White wrap vinyl
with permanent, repositionable grey adhesive
for full 3D vehicle wraps, 10 years

Product Roll size Price per roll
Avery Dennison MPI 1105 EA RS
Conformable cast, 50µ gloss white,
10 year cast wrapping vinyl for full 3D wraps
with repsoitionable, permanent grey opaque adhesive
1370mm x 10M £149.46
1370mm x 25M £373.65
1370mm x 50M £747.30
1520mm x 10M £166.42
1520mm x 25M £416.05
1520mm x 50M £832.10

Available in 10M, 25M and 50M rolls in widths of 1370mm and 1520mm.
Buy the metre: non-standard roll lengths are surcharged at 33%.

For the complete list of our conformable vinyls for vehicle wrapping select the 'Conformable Vinyls for vehicle wrapping' link from the navigation menu on your left, or use the links below to view each of the individual products within this category:

LG VIZUON™ LD593TM - conformable polymeric 50µ matt white, 5-7 year wrapping vinyl for 2D convex and concave shaped surfaces with grey repositionable, permanent, grey 'Air Free' adhesive.
Mactac JT5000 - conformable 55µ gloss white, 8-10 year wrapping vinyl for 2D convex and concave surfaces with grey opaque, permanent adhesive.

Avery Dennison MPI 1104 and MPI 1104 EA - conformable cast 50µ gloss white, 7 year 3D wrap vinyls with repositionable grey coverall permanent adhesives and ideal for applications over corrugations or rivets, and has exceptional print quality. MPI 1104 EA features Easy Apply™ Technology to ensure entrapped air can be easily rubbed out without having to puncture the film.
Avery Dennison MPI 1105 EA RS - conformable cast 50µ gloss white, 10 year wrap vinyl with repositionable, permanent grey bubble-free adhesive, designed for easy application and repositioning of the vinyl on full vehicle 3D wraps. LG VIZUON™ LD8210 - conformable cast 55µ gloss white, 7 year wrap vinyl with permanent grey adhesive,
designed for full vehicle, 3D wraps, with a grey coverall adhesive to mask original vehicle colour and maintain colour consistency.

LG VIZUON™ LD923T and LD92CT - conformable cast 50µ gloss white, 7 year cast wrap vinyls with repositionable, permanent, grey 'Air Free' adhesives, designed for full vehicle wraps. The micro-structured adhesive speeds up application time and helps minimise air bubbles.