TSOH175 one way vision perforated all purpose window graphics  vinyl is available to buy by the linear metre from All Print Supplies, as well as in full rolls.

One Way Vision Perforated Window Vinyls:

TSOH175TSOH175 perforated one-way vision window vinyl is suitable for printing with solvent inks only.
perforated one way vision vinyl
with 1.5mm holes. 50/50 pattern

An example of one way vision window vinyl used on a 'public' window giving the impression of the physical swimming pool behind it but actually obscuring the view of those looking in - maintaining the privacy of pool users from external view but allowing the pool users to see out and for light to come in.FOR MID-RANGE VIEWING DISTANCES.

A higher tack version of our old TSOW175 film.

The adhesive side is black.

The combination of hole size and the 50% holes / 50% film pattern makes this suitable for most applications.

The perforated PVC film for one-way, see-thru window graphics features a solvent based semi-permanent adhesive.

We strongly recommend our KleenTear 75 application tape when applying to windows to minimise distortion of the graphic.

We would not recommend lamination, but if required we would recommend you use a thin cast laminate such as LP809904, or DigiSOL DS3054 ultra clear calendered laminate.

Shown here is a close-up view of the printed TSOH175 perforated one way vinyl with a tape measure to help visualise the proportions of hole size to material.

Not suitable for latex or UV printers.

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Available in 50M rolls in widths of 760mm, 1370mm and 1524mm,
and 10M rolls in widths of 1370mm and 1524mm.
Buy the metre: non-standard roll lengths are surcharged at 33%.

For the complete list of our one-way vision perforated vinyls for windows select the 'One Way Vision Perforated Window Vinyls' link from the navigation menu on your left, or use the links below to see the individual products within this category:

TSOH175 - a 175µ gloss white, perforated one-way vision 50/50 film, with a 1.5mm hole size - for mid-range viewing distances.

Mactac JT5000 - a range of 1 year lifespan, one-way vision perforated white vinyls with semi-permanent clear acrylic adhesives - for 'one-way vision' applications onto windows.