Nazdar Lyson 133 printing inks for JV33 (SS21) digital solvent inkjet printers: Nazdar corporate logo.

Inks for Solvent Printing:

Bulk inks for Mimaki JV33 (SS21)

Nazdar Lyson 133 bulk digital solvent ink system is shown installed on our in-house Mimaki JV33 (SS21) printer. All the housing looks attractive and is tidy with all ink feeds safely and securely installed so as not to be intrusive. Not only does it look good but ioffers significant savings on your ink useage!Nazdar equivalent inks for Mimaki JV33 (SS21) are made in the United Kingdom.Environmentally friendly and commercially attractive, using a bulk ink system is an option for Mimaki's JV33 printer range, providing high volume onboard ink for ultra long print runs, and money savings!

Make 50% savings over the the standard cost of 440ml cartridges and with no loss of image colour or quality and a real alternative to the manufacturers' OEM SS21 inks for the Mimaki JV33, with payback on initial installation achievable within as little as 3 months of printing, with significant savings to your bottom line profit thereafter!

Bulk inks offer excellent all round value!
- Call our National Inks Manager to discuss your options and start making savings using our bulk inks for Mimaki JV33 (SS21) printers: Tel: 01753 568807


Nazdar Lyson 133 bulk ink system refil bottles are shown in a row, ready to replenish the ink storage bottles in the bulk system.Products Available:

JV33 black ink » Technical Data Sheet.

JV33 cyan ink » Technical Data Sheet.

JV33 light-cyan ink » Technical Data Sheet.

JV33 magenta ink » Technical Data Sheet.

JV33 light-magenta ink » Technical Data Sheet.

JV33 yellow ink » Technical Data Sheet.

JV33 flush solution ink » Technical Data Sheet.

Nazdar offer the Industry's strongest third-party warranty.
They warrant the Lyson Series Ink to withstand exterior exposure without material deterioration when viewed under normal conditions for a period of up to two years (for full warranty statement go to

Product Ink Colour Cartridge Size Single Price
Nazdar Lyson 133 Cyan bulk ink Cyan 1,000ml £76.00
Nazdar Lyson 133 Black bulk ink Light Cyan 1,000ml £76.00
Nazdar Lyson 133 Magenta bulk ink Magenta 1,000ml £76.00
Nazdar Lyson 133 Yellow bulk ink Light Magenta 1,000ml £76.00

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