Mactac wallCHALKER  matt black blackboard vinyl for creating chalk boards is available to buy by the linear metre, as well as in vinyl rolls of 1230mm wide in 10M, 25M and 50M roll lengths.

Blackboard Film
For Chalks:

Mactac wallCHALKER
120 Micron, Blackboard matt black,
textured semi-rigid vinyl, 4 years outdoor

A photo of a blackboard written on with chalk.From Mactac, a blackboard matt black textured removable vinyl with a 4 year outdoor life.

Mactac wallCHALKER can be plotter cut, however due to it being thicker and tougher than most vinyl films, extra pressure and sharp blades will be necessary.

Mactac wallCHALKER features a semi-permanent adhesive that is cleanly removable from most
common surfaces for up to 2 years.

We would not recommend for liquid chalk pens..

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Available in 10M, 25M and 50M rolls in widths of 1230mm.
Buy the metre: non-standard roll lengths are surcharged at 33%.

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Mactac wallCHALKER - Matt black semi-rigid textured blackboard vinyl, 4 years outdoors.
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