MACtac Permaprint Mounting Films:

PT2113 PERMAtrans
Double sided self-wound mount film
for internal and external use

Permatrans 2113 (PT2113) double sided mounting film used internally to mount photgraphic art in an exhibition room.

PT2113 (Permatrans 2113) is a double-sided, self-wound highly transparent mounting film, using a 36μ super clear polyester carrier, with a smooth coating of solvent acrylic adhesive on both sides designed for mounting of photographs, cibachromes and large size transparencies onto glass, acrylic glass, etc.

Life cycle up to 20 years indoors and up to 3 years outdoors.

Both sides of the adhesive are protected with clear polyester release liners that allow complete visual inspection of the product.

PT2113 (Permtrans 2113) does not influence the pH level of substrate to which it is applied.

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Available in 50M rolls in widths of 1524mm.
This product is not available to buy by the linear metre (‘Buy The Metre’).