Latex Vinyl - Media For Latex Printing

All materials in our latex printing range are now available to buy by the metre. Buy only what you need

All media in our latex printing range is available "buy the metre" - just buy what you need, when you need it. No need to store odds and ends or lose all your margin in buying full rolls for small jobs.

Using our in house HP Latex printer we have been evaluating media and creating custom profiles to help you get the best out of your latex printer. The list of products below have been thoroughly tested and found to work well with the latex ink technology. The list of media has been tested and works well on the HP L25500 and the new HP L26500.

Technical advice and support

These products are from our range of solvent digital printable media.
We have tested and profiled them for use on the HP latex device. Other products in our solvent range MAY work on your latex printer.

if you would like to obtain profiles and recommendations for our media, or if you need a profile for one of our media please contact the sales offices on:
01753 696977 for the Southern Office, or
01709 829800
for the Northern Office, or
email for the latest information, or you can use the email links found throughout this website below each specific product to request ICC media profiles.