Buy The Metre: KREA Spoeedy 911-11 front print and backlit tension display textile for large format printed graphics can be bought by the linear metre from All Print Supplies.

Fabrics for tension display frames
latex, UV & dye sublimation (Direct and Transfer) printers:

KREA Speedy 911-11KREA Speedy 911-11 fabric for large format display prints is a fire rated product.KREA Textilien, Speedy 911-11 tension display fabric is an environmentally concious product.
180gsm matt white, woven polyester fabric
for frontlit and backlit tension display frame graphics
KREA Textilien, Speedy 911-11, 180gsm matt white frontprint and backlit fabric is printable with latex inks.Speedy 911-11 is suitable for UV printer inks.KREA Speedy 911-11 is compatible with dye-sublimation printer inks.

Speedy 911-11 for backlit and front print tension display graphics.KREA Speedy 911-11 is a 180gsm matt white, woven, water-resistant, fire rated, crease-free, front print and backlit textile for tension display frames.
Suitable for latex, UV and dye sublimation (‘direct’ and ‘transfer’) printers.

Speedy 911-11 is only recommended for solvent printer inks after you self-test the media and are subsequently satisfied with your results.

Fire rated and a more environmentally conscious product, Speedy 911-11 is a crease-free, water-tight and air-tight fabric with good flatness.

For both frontlit and backlit displays.

This product can be cold cut.

• Backlit displays.
• Tension display frames.
• Inflatables.
• Tents.
• Parasols.
• Home Décor.

Product attributes:
• Compatible with UV Printers.
• Compatible with solvent printers.
• Compatible with latex printers.
• Compatible with dye-sub (direct and transfer) printers.
• Fire rated.
• Crease free.
• Water-tight (Lotus effect).
• Air tight.
• Good flatness.
• Cold cut - for best cutting results always use a sharp knife.

Product handling:
• Use edge guards where possible.
• Media handling tool is required for all HP Latex models.

This fabric comes highly recommended for use with our Spider fabric display system - a range of tension frames for display graphics that can be made to any size and RAL colour.
Click here for further information on the Spider fabric display system.

Tension display frames are growing in popularity due to their versatile sizes and stunning finish.
Our Spider fabric display frame system allows the easy installation of fabric graphics either with the traditional stitched in profile method or the new unique gripper system which does not require any extra finishing (such as sewing).
The graphics are interchangeable and can be found in numerous prestigious locations in retail stores, showrooms, receptions, in window displays and even exhibition displays - for both frontlit and backlit applications. Contact our sales offices to request a sample of ‘Speedy 911-11’ fabric and try it out for yourself.

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Available in 50M rolls in widths of 1600mm and *3200mm, and
100M rolls in widths of 1600mm, *2600mm and *3200mm.
Buy the metre: non-standard roll lengths are surcharged at 33%.
(*2600mm and *3200mm widths are not available ’Buy the metre’)

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KREA Speedy 911-11 - a front print and backlit textile for tension frame graphics, suitable for printing with latex, UV and dye sublimation printers - for more information click here.

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We also provide ancillary products for creating Tension Display Frames frames:
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