Self-Adhesive Media For Aqueous Printers:

SIHL 3989 Backlit Film for Windows EasyTack SA 260
Self-adhesive front print window / backlit film

Unique low tack adhesive that can be removed and re-applied many times
without leaving adhesive residue.

Media can handle high ink loads, giving very strong prints suitable for both 'night-and-day' applications.

Matt surface provides an excellent bond to laminates; no risk of delamination on site.

Suitable for water-based dye and pigment inks.

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Available in 20M rolls in widths of 914mm.
This product is not available to buy by the linear metre (‘Buy The Metre’).

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SIHL 3989 WindowGraphX EasyTack SA 260 - Transluscent white self-adhesive front print window / backlit film with EasyTack adhesive for bubble-free application and residue removal.

SIHL 3670 Imola (USA170) - Self-adhesive universal photograde satin pearl paper - a quick and economic way to produce an adhesive backed print.

SIHL 3539 SyntiTec PP Film EasyTack 325 - ideal for internal promotional graphics. A polypropylene film that is both tear and water resistant, and an EasyTack adhesive for bubble-free application and residue free removal it is one of our easiest self-adhesive products to apply. Can be stuck onto smooth surfaces including most internal walls and can be generally removed without leaving adhesive residue or damaging the substrates.