Double-Sided Tapes:

Ultra High Bond clear 1mm thick acrylic, double sided tape

UHB-C-10F: 1mm thick ultra high bond acrylic double-sided tape being applied to a substrate directly from the roll. The transparent/invisible adhesive surface is stuck to the substrate and the red tape liner is being peeled back to reveal the second adhesive side on the top.VHB® alternative double sided tape.

Our Ultra High Bond (UHB) offering.

Ideal for the invisible bonding of materials and also has the highest shear strength in our range for maximum loading. Ideal for the mounting of permanent signs onto a range of smooth or slightly rough surfaces.

Exceptionally high specification in terms of thermal, dynamic and chemical qualities, and can often be used in place of screws, rivets, welding, clips and other permanent fasteners.

The colourless clear UV stable adhesive also makes it ideal for mounting onto glass, acrylic etc. Used to bond substrates such as metals, sealed wood, glass, plastics, composites and painted surfaces.

Peel adhesion 50 N/25mm after 72 hours and shear strength 48 kg/25mm.

Red PE film liner for easy stripping.

» Technical Data Sheet.

Available in individual 33M rolls in widths of 12mm, 19mm and 25mm.

Product Roll Size Single
High bond clear 1mm thick acrylic
double-sided tape
- Internal and External use
12mm x 33M £38.02 ea
19mm x 33M £57.60 ea
25mm x 33M £74.64 ea

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