Double-Sided Tapes

Bannerbond GM740
double-sided adhesive banner hem tape

BT2: 300 micron thick double-sided Bannux banner tape being applied to a substrate directly from the roll. The clear adhesive surface is stuck to the substrate and the fantastic 'finger lift' tape liner is being peeled back to reveal the second adhesive side on the top.xxxxxxxxxBanner hemming tape.

A 300µ double sided adhesive banner hem tape for hemming PVC banners.

Bannerbond GM740 has excellent initial grab and excellent long-term adhesion.
The adhesive is highly resistant to plasticizers making it ideal for hemming PVC banners.

Bannerbond GM740 now comes as standard with a finger lift edge to help the product unroll better and reduce waste.

Available as an individual roll or in boxes of 10.

» Technical Data Sheet (COMING SOON).

Available in 25M rolls in widths of 25mm, 40mm and 50mm- available as an individual roll or in box sizes as detailed below.

Product Roll Size Single Price Box Price
Bannerbond GM740
Double sided banner hemming tape
25mm x 25M £21.15 ea £133.22
(box of 7)
40mm x 25M £34.06 ea £153.26
(box of 5)
50mm x 25M £42.29 ea £152.26
(box of 4)

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