Buy The Metre: BUTTERFLY knitted double-sided flag fabric for eco-solvent and latex ink large format printed graphics can be bought by the linear metre from All Print Supplies.

Flag Fabrics for Large Format Printing:

Butterfly (TSFG120)BUTTERFLY (TSFG120) double-sided, knitted fabric for printed flags is an environmentally concious product.BUTTERFLY (TSFG120) matt white, double-sided, knitted flag fabric is suitable for eco-solvent printed graphics.
120gsm polyester, matt white, knitted printable fabric,
supplied on a clear LDPE release liner
for eco-solvent printing Inks

Close-up view from below of the show-thru on the Butterfly flag fabric. The printed graphic is still very colourful on both sides, even when viewed from the other side of the print.The Butterfly flag fabric for soft signage applications is shown printed with All Print Supplies branding and shown outside, fluttering in the wind in one of our purpose made flag stands, available from our ancillary products section.Butterfly double-sided fabric for flags.Ideal for producing all types of short term flags as good ‘show through’ is achievable.

For eco-solvent printers.

The liner prevents any excess ink from entering the printer.

PVC and phthalate free and is available up to 1.52M wide.

This product can be cold cut to size after printing with fabric scissors, a standard scalpel or Stanley knife or any automated cutter - for best cutting results always use a sharp knife / cutting blade.

When handling 'Butterfly' you will need to use edge guards and the take-up/tension bar where possible.

'Butterfly' fabric comes on a release liner so there is no need for a media handling tool or platen covers and is suitable for all types of flags, including beach flags, feather flags and teardrop flags.

Look no further than your nearest petrol station to see an example of a Feather flag or Teardrop flag.

Click here to view our short demo video showing you how anyone can print, assemble and display a flag!Watch our short ‘How to make a flag’ demo video to show how anyone can print, assemble and display a flag using our range of flag fabrics and flag ancillaries (8 mins 27 secs).

• Beach flags.
• Feather flags.
• Tear drop flags.

Product attributes:
• Compatible with solvent printers.
• Good flatness.
• Cold cut - for best cutting results always use a sharp knife.

Product handling:
• Use edge guards where possible.
• Use take-up/tension bar.

Contact the sales offices to request a sample and try it out for yourself.
We also offer our MOTH flag fabric which doesn't comes on a release liner - click here for information on this alternative flag fabric which is for dye-suublimation, UV and latex printers.
LEOPARD air-mesh fabric also provides another flag alternative for dye-sublimation (direct & transfer), UV and latex printers. With the need to have a light but strong media with no wind loading, our see-through Leopard air mesh polyester is the ideal solution.

NB: We can provide all the ancillary products you will need to create 'Feather flags'and 'Teardrop flags':
Flag poles, flag stands, flag bases, flag pole fixing belts and carrying cases - All the essential ancillary items you will need to finish and present your textile flag graphics, and to protect them in transport and storage. Click here for more information.

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Available in 25M in widths of 1520mm.
Buy the metre: non-standard roll lengths are surcharged at 33%.

For the complete list of our printable flag fabrics select the 'Flag Fabrics' link from the navigation menu on your left, or use the direct links below to see each of the individual products within this category:

BUTTERFLY (TSFG120) - a 120gsm polyester, matt white, knitted printable flag fabric with a clear LPDE release liner, for eco-solvent and latex printers. Ideal for producing all types of short term flags as good "show through" is achievable.
MOTH (TDFG110) - a 110gsm polyester, matt white, knitted printable fabric for latex, UV, dye dispersion & dye sublimation transfer. The traditional fabric suitable for all types of flags including feather flags, teardrop flags, national flags, hand waving flags, bunting etc.