KPMF K74500 Series glitter cast vinyl films for anti-vandal or security applications are available to buy by the linear metre.

Cast Vinyl for Anti-Vandal or Security Applications:

KPMF K74500 Series
Cast ultra destruct, 6-8 years outdoor vinyl

KPMF K74500 Series cast ultra destruct sign vinyls are made in the United Kingdom.The KPMF K74500 series is a range of ultra destruct PVC's for anti-vandal or security applications.

Featuring a 50µ brittle cast PVC face film, that will break up rather than remove cleanly if someone tries to pick it off.

These premium quality cast vinyl films have been specially developed with a Hi Tack, solvent acrylic adhesive for use in all areas where tamper evidence, security and durability of information is paramount.

The destructibility of these films have been designed to ensure that once the product has been applied, it will become tamper proof within twenty minutes.

The product is used extensively for security seals of utility meters, identification of automotive and other high value parts, automotive safety information labels, tagging of electronic components and general packaging seals for sensitive products.

The expected outdoor life is 6-8 years.

Available in 3 fully REACH compliant colours:

  • K74512 matt white, ultra destruct
  • K74511 gloss white, ultra destruct
  • K74501 gloss clear only, ultra destruct.

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Available in 10M, 25M and 50M rolls in widths of 1220mm.
Buy the metre: non-standard roll lengths are surcharged at 33%.

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