MACal TF Speciality Textured Series tuning film for vehicle wraps are available to buy by the linear metre

Tuning Films For 1.5D Vehicle Wraps:

MACal TF Speciality Textured Series
Cast textured low tack adhesive, 5 years outdoors

This photo shows a car bonnet and wing detail with both the Leather Black Textured and Silver Moon Textured vinyls used to contrast the lines on the vehicle. The textures have suitably subtle yet prominent, unmistakable visual effects.Conformable and dimensionally stable, 220µ textured opaque cast vinyl for wrapping of vehicles and other vinyl wrap projects.

For 1.5D wrapping projects.

Long-life low tack solvent acrylic adhesive system.

Fully REACH compliant.

Available in Leather Black embossed pattern finish.

Leather Black Mactac TF Speciality Tuning Film: this photo shows the amazing leather like texture on this vinyl.

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MACal TF Speciality Textured.

Available in 1M to 25M rolls in widths of 1370mm.






For the complete list of our available Car Tuning Films for Vehicle Wraps select either the 'Colour Change Films: Car Tuning and Vehicle Wrap Vinyls link or the 'Car Tuning Films: Carbon Fibre' link from the main navigation menu on the left, or use the direct links below to view all the specific products within this 1.5D wrapping film category:

MACal TF Speciality Brushed BF Series - Polymeric Brushed with bubble-free high-tack adhesive for car wraps, 4-5 years outdoor.
MACal TF Speciality Textured Series - Cast Textured with low-tack adhesive for car wrapping, 5 years outdoor.
MACal - Embossed bubble-free satin carbon fibre tuning film, 5 years outdoor.


A diagram to roughly explain the type of surfaces that a specific vinyl can or cannot be applied to: illustrated as 1D, 2D and 3D shapes you can see the types of surfaces that may be suitable for application onto. To ensure you have selected the right vinyl for the specific job always check data sheets carefully and carry out your own tests with the vinyl sample on the surface first.

To help our customers understand the conformability of each of our wrapping vinyls we have separated them into 4 categories: 1.5D, 2D, 2.5D & 3D.

1.5D Conformable textured polymeric e.g. Carbon Fibre, primarily for car wraps. On convex areas the texture may be distorted when stretched and heated. For concave and recessed areas the film should be cut.
2D Conformable polymeric primarily for car wraps, for convex areas use heat, concave and recessed areas the film should be cut.
2.5D Very conformable textured cast e.g. Carbon Fibre, for both car and van wraps. Although very conformable the texture, heavy flake pattern or gloss level may distort when stretched and heated. For convex, concave and recessed areas use heat and post-heat.
3D Very conformable cast for both car and van wraps, for convex, concave and recessed areas use heat and post-heat.