Avery Dennison 777 Series Cast Film sign vinyls are all available to buy by the linear metre, as well as in full rolls of various widths and lengths, as detailed on this page.

Avery Dennison Cast Vinyl for Sign making:

Avery Dennison 777 Series Cast Film
60 micron, cast vinyl, 5-8 years outdoor

Avery Dennison 777 Series Cast Film swatch shown full fanned out to show the full range of cast vinyl colours for CAD signage applications.Avery Dennison 777 Cast Film is the latest cast series to be launched and is an everyday answer for all kinds of quality signage including 2.5D applications over rivets and corrugations, and jobs requiring application durability of up to 8 years.

Avery Dennison 777 Cast Films are available in a very extensive range of standard colours, including gloss, matt and metallic shades.
All the colours are based on organic pigments and are REACH compliant.

Both the white gloss and matt are manufactured on a blue contrast backing paper for ease of conversion.

With cast performance at polymeric pricing, Avery Dennison 777 Cast Film offers good weeding and cutting performance on a wide range of computer signmaking equipment. The 777 CF series can also be thermal transfer printed.

Avery Dennison 777 has a high gloss appearance with very good conformability to rivets and corrugations and has excellent dimensional stability during use and application, as you would expect from a cast PVC.

98 gloss and 2 matt colours.

The expected outdoor life is:

  • 8 years for black and white
  • 7 years for the gloss colours
  • 7 years for the matt colours
  • 5 years for the metallics.

All Print Supplies exclusive 'GALAXY' vinyl colour guide 2016 is the complete guide to every sign vinyl colour in our range in one innovative and easy-to-use swatch format.APS product codes: APS 777-XXX CF

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Download Avery Dennisons 'Quick Product Porfolio Guide' PDF for CAD signage.

Available in 10M, 25M and 50M rolls in widths of 615mm and 1230mm.
Buy the metre: non-standard roll lengths are surcharged at 33%.

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Avery Dennison 777 Series Cast Film - 60µ, 5-8 years outdoor cast vinyl at polymeric prices, for conformable CAD graphics.
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