Self-Adhesive Sign Vinyl for Aqueous Printing:

Universal self-adhesive outdoor matt vinyl
with permanent adhesive

With a grey opaque adhesive for short to medium term external prints using water based pigmented inks.

Featuring a thicker film for easier application on to flat surfaces and a solvent based permanent adhesive.

UGV5 should be applied to flat surfaces using a low tack application tape such as KleenTear 50 and at a minimum temperature of 10ºC.

Pigmented inks must be used to provide a high degree of water resistance but ink coverage of over 280% can have a detrimental affect on the water fastness of the product and may show some signs of ink bleed in heavily saturated areas.
It is important to let the print dry for at least 12 hours prior to application.

A pressure sensitive laminate will help to protect the surface against dirt and abrasion, and will increase the life expectancy of the sign to over 12 months.
Overlapping the edges of the sign by at least 6mm with the laminate will extend the outdoor life even further.
The recommended laminates are from our DigiGuard Standard range.

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Available in 30M rolls in widths of 914mm, 1067mm, 1270mm and 1524mm.
This product is not available to buy by the linear metre (‘Buy The Metre’).

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UGV5 - Matt universal vinyl with grey opaque permanent solvent based self-adhesive - for short to medium term external prints using water based pigmented inks, featuring a thicker film for easier application onto flat surfaces.

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SIHL 3585 Premium Vinyl SA 270 (UWG5) - a high gloss top coated self-adhesive vinyl that prints beautifully and dries quickly on both the HP Z6100 and HP Z6200 printers. Suitable for volume internal or short-term external campaigns that would normally be produced on a solvent type printer.