Signmakers Fluids: RAPIDTAC

Adhesive remover (pale lemon colour)

RAPIDTAC fluid 'Rapid Remover' for quick and easy removal of adhesives from old application surfaces (pale lemon colour fluid). Image shows the 3 x available bottle sizes (40oz, 30oz and 3.7L bottles).Quick and easy way to remove old adhesive residue without damage.

It works quickly, normally under a minute, will not leave an oily residue and is water-soluble.

Stage One: Remove the old graphic with a heat gun.
Stage Two: Spray RAPIDREMOVER onto the adhesive residue and allow it to penetrate for 30 - 60 seconds.
Stage Three: Use a squeegee to scrape and remove the softened adhesive.
Stage Four: Spray RAPIDREMOVER onto a rag or paper towel and wipe the area clean. Rinse surface thoroughly with RAPIDPREP, in preparation for the new graphic. Use in a well ventilated area.

Due to the varying condition of paintwork and substrates, apply to a test area first. Refer to our data sheets for further information.


» Material Safety Data Sheet.
» Prices and Fluid / Bottle Sizes.

Available sizes: 2.02oz (60ml) full bottle with sprayer, 32oz (946ml) full bottle with sprayer,
and 1 US Gallon (3.7L) refil bottles in boxes of 4, or in singles.
RAPIDtac empty spray bottle with the nozzle. RAPIDTAC spray nozzle is shown in picture.


Also available: RAPIDREMOVER empty spray bottle - 32oz (946ml) with spray nozzle.



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RAPIDREMOVER Adhesive remover - Quick and easy way to remove old adhesive residue without damage.

RAPIDPREP Cleaning fluid - The quick and easy way to clean and degrease, in preparation for vinyl graphics from RAPIDtac.

Avery Dennison 3D Surface Cleaner - The quick and easy way to clean and degrease, in preparation for vinyl graphic applications over 3D surfaces, from Avery Dennison.

Avery Dennison Flat Surface Cleaner - An effective choice of cleaning fluid for removing day-to-day dirt from substrates during first pass cleaning in preparation prior to applying adhesive vinyls, from Avery Dennison.

RAPIDTAC ORIGINAL Application fluid - Speeds up application times, eliminates bubbling and wrinkling, helps application in cold and hot weather and makes the final result look consistently professional, especially on glass.

RAPIDTAC II Application fluid - is the latest addition to the range and works twice as quickly as the original, as well as now working down to 0ºC.

RAPIDTAC 32oz / 946ml empty spray bottle with nozzle - Empty bottles with spray nozzle and instructions for RAPIDREMOVER, RAPIDPREP, RAPIDTAC ORIGINAL, RAPIDTAC II and RAPIDCLEAR.